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Кому работа в Питере?

Знакомая мне мама (из школы и садика) ищет директора филиала в Питере для компании, где она работает (производители косметики, Dermoshop).
Само объявление под катом. Если кто интересуется - можно передавать дальше, и я могу в личке рассказать - что я про них тут знаю.

Area Manager Russia Dermoshop Group is a Finnish company selling skincare products and colour cosmetics since 1988. We have our own trademark Dermosil and we are currently selling our products in Finland (major market), Sweden, Estonia, and since 2010 also in Russia. Our company HQ is situated in Korsnäs, Finland, with offices in Vaasa, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and St Petersburg. Our Russian subsidiary OOO Dermosil operates our webshop Dermosil.ru, two showrooms and hotel guest amenity unit Guest Comfort Russia. We currently have 24 employees in Russia and we are now looking for our new Area Manager!

Functions and responsibilities
1. Coordinating and developing all departments and ensuring operational and strategic goals are achieved.
2. Developing both new sales channels and working with current channels and accounts to create growth in sales.
3. Taking on full P&L responsibility and accountability of the Russian company.
4. Defining and implementing annual budget plans and providing regular reports to HQ in Finland.
5. Representing the company externally with government, statutory/regulatory bodies and business partners/allies. 6. Communicating with customers and business partners.

Required Skills & Experience You are our candidate if you are accustomed to working in a structured and well-organized manner and thrive in an environment where decisions and daily tasks are handled in a correct and efficient manner. You are also accustomed to planning, executing and following up. You can focus on a variety of matters simultaneously and multi-task and this does not make you feel stressed out. You consider yourself to be a good manager leading by example and feel that you connect well with people and that you are a good motivator. A neat and tidy work environment is essential to you.

We strongly prefer candidates who:
• have experience in working with/at retail chain stores (ideally – cosmetic retailers). E-commerce experience will also be a huge advantage.
• have at least 5 years of general management experience.
• have a master’s degree in marketing / economics / sales.
• possess strong understanding of how a business operates.
• possess understanding of budgeting and financial planning.
• have an ability to recruit staff and monitor/evaluate performance.
• have excellent interpersonal skills at all levels, including people management, leadership and both written and verbal communication skills.
• know Russian HR and taxation legislation.
• embrace continuous learning.
• have English – upper intermediate.
• are ready to go on business trips to Finland and across Russia.
• have a driving licence and own car. Terms and conditions:
• Challenging role for an ambitious go-getter.
• Comfortable office in Greenstate Park Gorelovo (5 minutes from the Ring road).
• Mobile phone compensation, gas compensation for business trips.
• Lunch compensation.
• Dental medical insurance.

Selection process: As Dermoshop Group partners with Consort Petersburg in the selection process, you should apply to this ad by sending your CV and motivational letter – both in English – to
mikhailov@consortspb.ru Your salary expectations should be mentioned in that letter. The applications will be considered in due course, and selected candidates meeting all of the above requirements will be contacted by Consort Petersburg. The selection process will include several stages of interviews in English, both by Consort and senior management of Dermoshop Group.

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